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Weight Manual – Starter Package (Vegetarian)

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The WeightManual Starter Package contains everything you need for your first 30 days of weight loss.  Lose up to 23 pounds in your first month!
>  1 Year of Access to the Online diet portal
>  Food Plan (standard or vegetarian)
>  Dietary Supplements
>  Simple Training Videos
>  Progress Graphing Console
>  Interactive Questionnaire to Help You Maximize Weight Loss
>  Meal Preparation Videos and Recipes
>  Online Friends-Family Support Feature



Advanced Weight Loss

The latest nutritional science to help
you get the weight loss results
that you need and want.

WeightManual:  The ANSWER to Long-Lasting Weight Loss

There are many reasons why people have trouble losing weight.  But the main one is that most people do not have access to the right information.  They are trying to lose weight using a program that teaches them the wrong foods to eat, or the wrong overall strategy for permanent weight loss.

WeightManual is different because it has solved the main reasons why people have trouble with weight loss.  First and foremost, WeightManual is the right strategy.  WeightManual was created by taking the most effective weight loss strategies, such as what foods to eat/not eat and when you should eat—and putting it into an easy to use online system. 

WeightManual also includes an interactive feedback system which will help you to learn which behaviors you engage in which cause weight gain, or prevent you from losing weight.  It also includes a SUPPORTERS feature which allows you to invite family or friends to follow your journey.  This feature mimics the presence of a doctor or nutritionist or friend who might be doing a diet with you in another setting.  Involving others through this social support system is optional, but its also an extremely powerful motivator.

The THREE Phases of Weight Loss

The WeightManual program has three main steps.  The first is Weight Loss.  This is when you will lose the weight necessary to reach your ideal weight.  It’s a very specific process.  If you can follow directions, you can do this program and achieve your goal.

Once you have achieved your target weight, you will do 30 days of Stabilization.  During this 30 days, you will eat more food so that you can stop the weight loss process and then keep it stable at your new weight.  It’s during these 30-days that your body is adjusting to this new weight as your new normal.

The last phase is Maintenance.  During Maintenance, you will add foods back into your diet that you were not eating on Weight Loss or Stabilization.  It is here that you may find certain foods that cause immediate weight gain- and you can decide how often (if ever) you want to consume those foods.  Also, you might discover a previously undiscovered food sensitivity/allergy.  Within the first month of Maintenance, most people have sorted out for themselves exactly what they need to do to maintain their new ideal weight for a lifetime.

All the steps are laid out in videos, so it’s EASY to follow and apply to your life.  You’ve never done an easier or more comprehensive weight loss program.   It’s so effective, that we like to call this program, “Your Last Diet”.

Vegetarian Supplements

Inside the WeightManual portal, you’ll have access to the Vegetarian Food Plan.  However, when you place your order, you will need to indicate whether you want the “Standard Supplements” or the “Vegetarian Supplements”.  The Standard Supplements come with Fish Oil capsules.  That is the only product which makes them non-Vegetarian.  So, if you are a vegetarian, and you are ok with consuming Fish Oil softgels, it is highly recommended that you purchase that Standard Supplements—even if you plan to follow the Vegetarian Food Plan.  The nutrition available in the Fish Oil softgels can really help reduce inflammation and enhance weight loss.

Dietary Supplements

When you purchase Weight Manual, your program will come with dietary supplements for the first 30 days of the program.  Inside the member’s only portal, you can order supplements for each month that you continue on the program.  Below are the supplements that will come with your order. 

*If you are a vegetarian but you would be agreeable to consuming softgel capsules containing fish oil and gelatin capsules, it is highly recommended that you purchase the “Standard Program Supplements”.

Month 1 Supplements—Vegetarian Supplements

  1. Clear Body-  Enhances the processes within the body which remove toxins.
  2. Fruit and Veggie Shake- Provides a wide spectrum of nutrients with the help of whole food ingredients such as fruits and vegetables.  In particular the antioxidant support of this product is critical during toxin removal.
  3. Daily Fiber- Supports a healthy gut and regular bowel movements.
  4. Plant Protein Complete (2 containers, 30-servings) - Ensures that you get all essential amino acids in each serving. With 20 grams of plant-derived protein, 1 serving can provide the recommended protein for a meal on this program.

Non-GMO – No Genetically Engineered Ingredients
Laboratory Tested Dietary Supplement
Manufactured to cGMP Standards in a USFDA Inspected Facility