Losing Weight Requires More Than Just Exercise

Exercise Alone is Not Enough for Effective Weight Loss

losing-weight-diet-exerciseIf you’re overweight, you know that committing to lose weight is an investment in your health.

So, you start exercising regularly and wait for the numbers on the scale to drop. Only they don’t. Or they drop a little and then stop.

Does this scenario seem familiar? Do you feel lied to about the exercise you’ve been doing? After all, it almost seemed to guarantee you would shed those pounds.

The issue is that exercise alone is not enough for weight loss. Long-term success comes by following a carefully planned program of exercise and diet together, along with a mental shift.

Update from the Old Rules

Exercise is indeed a key part of a weight loss journey, no question. But many of us are stuck in a mindset revolving around what the old guard of weight loss always preached: eat less and exercise more. In theory, it sounds like it should work. Maybe it does for a short time. Burning more calories than you consume will cause you to lose weight, but that loss can be temporary. Starving or depriving yourself is an old, old approach and a pathway to regaining the weight the moment you revert to a more regular intake of food and calories.

If you starve yourself, your body stops burning fat. It sheds water and muscle and other materials. So, it’s time to change your thinking entirely. Exercising requires fuel, sometimes more fuel, so you need to learn exactly what kind.

Exercise and Food Together Are Key

There’s no ‘either/or’. While one school of thought claims exercise alone will handle weight loss and another camp swears blind that cutting out certain foods is the way, the truth is you need a balanced and sensible approach to both.

Exercise does not replace food. Dietary change is not a replacement for exercise. You need both. You need to fuel your body properly so it can both exercise and lose fat tissue.

So, don’t believe the fad diets that claim they’ll handle everything. And don’t fall for the fitness gadgets on infomercials that promise the earth.

Instead, look for a weight loss program with proven results, especially in keeping weight off. You can be sure it combines both schools of thought in a scientific manner.

Exercising and Gaining Weight?

Many people report gaining weight when they start exercising. That’s because they are gaining muscle, which has more mass than fat tissue. It’s a normal occurrence, but it’s common for people to give up at this point.

Don’t. Keep going! Muscle tissue can burn fat tissue. Being stronger can increase your metabolism. But…

…look to a carefully formulated program that sets the right diet to balance your exercise. You can’t work out and eat chips and expect to get lighter.

A Disciplined Plan

Exercise is not enough for weight loss because your journey is not a straight line. You don’t begin at point A, then arrive at point B. It doesn’t work that way. There are hills and valleys, dips and plateaus that you will need to contend with and adjust to.

Discipline is important. There are so many temptations out there – to eat badly or to just sit around – but you have the power to make better choices. One way to help is to follow a program that lays out your calorie intake, meals, eating times, and exercise ideas. That kind of approach increases your likelihood of success because you have specific steps to follow, rather than taking an ad hoc approach. Each day you follow the plan, praise yourself. Praise will create a stronger and more positive mindset built around success.

Ditch Sugar and Gluten, Increase Protein

A lot of weight gain can be attributed to internal inflammation, which comes from consuming inflammatory foods like sugar and gluten. These high carbohydrate foods are the addictive ones that people crave the most.

This is really where exercise is not enough for losing weight. To succeed, you need to reduce these foods (or eliminate them entirely) in combination with exercising. Increase the protein you consume to be about 25% of your daily intake. Protein is filling and can help stop cravings and random snacking. If you really want to bring the inflammation down, try plant proteins instead of animal-based.

Supplemental Insurance

Taking supplements can be your health and weight loss insurance – provided they are the right supplements that support your journey. To maintain energy levels, boost your immune system, ramp up your digestive health, stave off hunger, and fill the gaps of your nutritional needs, you need supplements your body can truly absorb. They must be free of sugar, gluten, dairy, preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors.

Don’t Do It All Yourself

Losing weight requires learning how. Exercise alone will not bring weight loss. Diet alone will not bring permanent weight loss. Save yourself the learning curve by following a well-researched and proven program devised by health and nutritional experts who know exactly how to help the human body operate at its very best.

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