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Fifty Percent of the U.S. Population wants to lose weight.That is approximately 160,000,000 people.  All You Need To Do Is Make an Introduction!

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21 Billion Dollar Industry

WeightManual has established a program designed to shift the profits from two and sometimes three corporate middle men, directly to consumers who want to help us expand into the community. You will earn 30% of the purchase price for all those who you refer.
You can play this game to earn enough to get your supplements for free, or you can turn this into a real high-income business. WeightManual provides the best nutrition based weight loss program for long-term results.

Family and Friends Want to Lose Weight

You probably know someone who wants to lose weight. National statistics show that 1 in 2 people would like to shed some pounds. However, in most groups we survey, it’s more like 8 out of 10. In fact, its sometimes hard to find anyone that doesn’t want to at least drop 5 or 10 pounds. This equates to hundreds of millions of potential customers. There are hundreds of weight loss gimmicks and fad diets out there. Many sell on the promise of a shortcut to weight loss. WeightManual is the real deal. It’s a nutrition based program that gets the body healthy so that dieters lose weight naturally and keep it off for a lifetime. The easiest way to sell your friends and family is to surprise them with your own weight loss. They’ll notice, and they will ask you how you did it!

Earn a 30% Commission When You Refer

When you refer someone to WeightManual.com using your unique link, we will make a note in our system that you referred them. Then every time they make a purchase, you will be credited with the sale (Last click method of referral tracking prior to first purchase) and earn 30%. Your affiliate status will also allow you to also earn commissions from two other website (www.MyBodyManual.com and www.DiabeticManual.com). You can refer to any of our three sites. And once your referred prospect lands on one of them, they will be linked to you for purchases on ANY of the three sites. You do not need to get them to open a link to all three sites. Although you can certainly can send them a link to all three- that is not a problem and will ensure they know about the three product lines!



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    30% Commission on Each Sale
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    Set Your Own Work Schedule
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    Residual Income
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    Sell Part-Time, In Your Spare Time or Whenever.
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    Internet Leads or Personal Contacts
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    Earn As Much As You Need or Want!!

**Affiliates are assigned on a Last Click basis. Once assigned, the affiliate will continue to receive commissions as long as the member makes at least one purchase every six months. Once you are an affiliate, you can earn commissions on any of our websites.

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