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Definition of Nutripreneur® : A person who helps improve the lives of others by building a profitable business centered on nutrition.

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Why Become a Nutripreneur®?

Provide a Needed Service

  • Help others to lose weight by addressing the underlying cause—poor nutrition.
  • Help people to become healthy and achieve permanent weight loss.
  • When people lose weight, they get encouraged about living a healthy lifestyle. Many will continue to purchase supplements for a lifetime.

Generate a New Income Stream

  • You earn approximately $200 for each dieter using the program and maybe more! - Earn commissions on anyone you refer. 
  • Promote WeightManual to friends, family and contacts you have through email or social media.
  • When you refer new business to WeightManual, you not only can earn commissions when they buy from the WeightManual website, but also when they buy from and
  • Imagine the possibilities:

Become a Nutripreneur® Today

  • Help Others
  • Improve People’s Lives
  • Earn Money
  • Have Fun!
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What Users Are Saying:

Since using WeightManual and some of the other BodyManual products, I was excited to learn that I could earn money simply by sharing my success (and my referral link).  Since I am very happy with my results, sharing with my friends is super easy.

Vanessa H. - Safety Harbor, FL

Both my husband and I are into health, fitness and a good diet.  Once were introduced to BodyManual we new that we could be successful since so many of our friends ask us what we do to have more energy or look the way we do.  We are walking billboards of the Nutripreneur lifestyle.

Tory and Mike N. - Seneca Falls, NC

Become a NUTRIPRENEUR Today!

*Affiliates are assigned on a Last Click basis. Once assigned, the affiliate will continue to receive commissions as long as the member makes at least one purchase every six months. Once you are an affiliate, you can earn commissions on any of our websites

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