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Why WeightManual?

More than half of all people in the U.S. want to lose weight.  Weight Manual is an effective and healthy weight loss program.  Healthy weight loss is a life-time strategy = Residual Income.

What is WeightManual?

Members learn the 21 Principles of Weight Loss and Control.  It’s a nutrition based program (not a fad diet).  Program includes a Daily Feedback System to accelerate dieter progress.  Program includes a social support network to increase compliance.  Weight Manual achieves remarkable results.

Can Selling Weight Manual Be a Good Source of Revenue?

30% commission on all purchases by people that you refer to Weight Manual.  Residual Income.  You earn commission as long as they continue to buy from any of our product lines.*  There is no follow-up on your part required. You simply refer them to our website.

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Provide products and services that the vast majority of people need and want.

Help diabetics and those with prediabetes improve their nutrition and their health.

Recommend a healthy weight-loss program which achieves long-lasting results.

Help bring health to the world one person at a time (or several people at a time!)

Generate a new stream of income to help pay bills or create a nest-egg for your future.

Have fun and meet new people from outside your immediate circle of friends- both affiliates and customers.

Offer an excellent line of general health dietary supplements for everyday use.

Take charge and help others help themselves with a proven, research-based program.

**Affiliates are assigned on a Last Click basis. Once assigned, the affiliate will continue to receive commissions as long as the member makes at least one purchase every six months. Once you are an affiliate, you can earn commissions on any of our websites

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